Compas 25th Anniversary Video shown at fall gathering at UU Fellowship in Plymouth


Compas organized a wonderful gathering on Sunday, October 23rd at the Starr King Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (Skuuf) in Plymouth, NH.  Several Compas de Nicaragua alumni attended the event and shared their experiences and stories.  It was a wonderful way to kick off our 25th anniversary celebration.  
We are looking forward to continuing our anniversary celebration this coming year.  Several alumni have already signed up to participate in our anniversary service trips.  There are three opportunities to participate in a trip.  Volunteers from Unlimited Possibilities (seacoast of NH) will be joining other Compas alumni during our anniversary trip scheduled from January 15th through January 22nd.  From April 22nd through April 29th, members of Skuuf will be joining Compas alumni on our second anniversary trip.   The Plymouth State University Nicaragua Club will be carrying out their 20th anniversary trip from May 22nd through May 31st.



 We hope that you will consider participating in one of these unique  opportunities to reconnect to Compas, see old friends and meet new  ones, and to help support Compas’ important work in Nicaragua.  

You can find more information by following the links above.  Please e-  mail Executive Director, Michael Boudreau if you are interested or have any questions (


As part of our year long 25th anniversary celebration, Compas is organizing our 6th Dance Tour for next fall.  The Daughters of Corn Dance Troupe will be visiting the U.S. from August 30th through November 2nd, 2017.  The tour will bring youth from “Women in Action” to the U.S. to perform traditional dances while educating audiences about Nicaraguan culture, current affairs and the work of Compas de Nicaragua.

The dance tour will include dance workshops, classroom visits, and roundtable discussions. Please check out the Daughters of Corn Promotional Video

If you are interested in hosting, please contact Compas Executive Director, Michael Boudreau,