Supporting Sustainable Living Projects in La Paz, Carazo 

In 2009, Compas de Nicaragua began supporting sustainable living projects in La Paz, Carazo through a farmer’s cooperative and a youth environmental group.   Current projects include tree nursery and reforestation, bio-gas systems, organic coffee and gray water systems.  

The goals of these projects are to contribute to the farming economy, Improve the quality of life for rural families, save forests and reduce the affects of climate change.  We believe that in rural Nicaragua, as in other parts of the world, the problems that affect the environment, health, and poverty, are all intertwined.  We feel that the only way to solve thes problems is by working together to promote sustainable living and permaculture practices.



Farmer, Francisco Lopez with Rock Point School (Burlington, VT) student preparing organic ferilizer


Plymouth State University Nicaragua Club members, Casey Henry, Shannon Skinner with Carlos Sanchez


                            Projects include

  • Reforestation and Food security
  • Microlending/Community bank (micro-loans for farmers) providing small, low interest loans for farmers for the growing season.  
  • Bio-gas systems that collect animal manure in a cylinder plastic and produce methane gas for cooking.
  • Gray water systems that eliminate dirty shower and wash water through a simple filter system.
  • Fair trade, organic, shade grown coffee