Join in for this Unique Opportunity!  

Compas is planning two special 25th anniversary service trip to Nicaragua.  Volunteers from Unlimited Possibilities (seacoast of NH) will be joining other Compas alumni during an anniversary trip scheduled from January 15th through January 22nd.  From April 22nd through April 29th, members of the Starr King Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (Plymouth, NH) will be joining Compas alumni on our second anniversary trip, The groups will have the opportunity to visit both our Women in Action project in Managua and our sustainable living projects in La Paz to learn about our current work and also to work side by side our Nicaragua partners on service projects.   Most importantly, for Compas alumni, these trips will give participants an opportunity to see old friends, to connect with other alumni to share stories, and to celebrate all we have accomplished together over the last 25 years.  We are also planning a special celebration to honor Compas founder, Ash Eames.   These week long trips will include:



“What an incredible opportunity this trip will be to reconnect with friends, see all that is new with Compas and to make a positive impact.  I cannot wait to get back to Nicaragua–ever since my first trip I have been hoping to get back–that first trip was a life changing experience for me.”




  • Host family stays and immersion in Nicaragua culture
  • Working on sustainable community development projects (reforestation, biogas and gray water systems)
  • Managua tour, history and learning about current issues (including plans for an inter-oceanic canal)  
  • Excursions to the Pacific Ocean, volcano, waterfall and a volcanic lake
  • Shadowing a Women in Action member
  • Visits to schools, health clinics
  • Nature walk in search of Howler Monkeys
  • Special Tribute to Ash Eames
  • An optional 2-3 day vacation/tourist excursion at the end of the trip




2017 Trip Details:                                                                                          Dates: January 15th to January 22nd and  April 22nd to April 29th, 2017

  • Airfare: $600-$800 +
  • All Inclusive trip participation fee:
    • $800 per participant (group of 9 or more) 
    • $1,000 per participant (group of 8 or less) 

This fee covers all in-country transportation, meals and lodging at homestay families, all excursions, bottled water, trip guidance and translation, and a project donation to cover work projects.  The fee does not include international airfare to and from Managua, required vaccinations and travel insurance.

These anniversary trips are can’t miss opportunities!

Interested?  Below, please find links for a tentative trip agenda and the steps to take to participate in these unique trips.

25th Anniversary Trip Itinerary

Steps for Trip Participation