Daughters of Corn Dance Tour Fall 2017 

The Daughters of Corn Dance Troupe will be visiting the U.S. from August 30th through November 2nd, 2017.  The tour will bring 6 youth from “Women in Action”, and for the first time, one youth from La Paz to the U.S. to perform traditional dances while educating audiences about Nicaraguan culture, current affairs and the work of Compas de Nicaragua.  The dance tour will include dance workshops, classroom visits, and round table discussions. If you are interested in hosting, please contact Executive Director, Michael Boudreau, msboudreau@compas1.org

The tour provides local communities with a unique opportunity for popular education about Nicaraguan culture and current issues.  It is also a wonderful way to reach out to your community and raise awareness about other cultures, issues of poverty, and Compas’ important work.                                     

Compas is pleased to bring Francis Arguello, Bianka Gurdian, Katerine Solorzano, Daniela Vargas, Litzy Saurez, Teresa Jimenez, and Nicole Anduray to the U.S. as part of our fall 2017 tour.  

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Daughters of Corn Dance Troupe 2017


Ana Narvaez, Compas de Nicaragua’s Executive Director, will prepare the choreography and lead the group. 

The performance will include several traditional dances with costumes and dresses, including feathered hats and weaved baskets that are balanced on the head.  The music is traditional, folklore music played on the marimba.  The dancing is a mix of Spanish and indigenous styles.  It is performed with long dresses that are held at the ends and lifted above the head.  It is a beautiful, graceful kind of dance. 

Segments of a video will also be played throughout the performance.  The video will bring the audience into the world of Women in Action; street vendors who sell what they can on Managua’s streets in order to provide for their families; and describe how they have been able to work together to create projects that have drastically improved health, nutrition, and education in their community.  The video also tells the story of the 50 member BSU coop who are supporting sustainable living and organic agriculture programs that are not only improving the lives of rural families in Nicaragua but also on the front line of work being done to combat climate change.  There will also be an information table and an exhibition of gourd art from WIA’s art cooperative.