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Make your tax deductible donation through Network for Good


Send your tax deductible donation to: Compas de Nicaragua, 60 Merrimack Road, Amherst, NH 03031

Alternative Holiday Gifts!        

A perfect holiday gift!  Make a donation on behalf of a friend or loved one and not only will they be honored, but someone will be given the gift of hope.  For donations of $25, we will send your loved on a special holiday card.  For donations of $50, we will send your loved one a pound of Howling Monkey Coffee.  For donations of $100 or more, we will send your loved one our 25th anniversary calendar for 2017.  Please include the gift recipients name and address under “dedication” on the NFG page).   Also, please indicate (on check memo/under “designation” on Network for Good page) if you would like your donation applied to a specific program (i.e. Child Sponsorship & name of child; # Pounds of Coffee; Micro lending & name of WIA beneficiary; Home Repair; etc).  

Soy Food Kitchen: $25 to cover the costs of weekly soy food meals for all the WIA members and their children.  
             Soy Food Kitchen

Reforestation: $25 to purchase 125 Moringo and Maya Nut trees.  $50 to purchase 100 coffee and cocoa trees.   Help us reforest the La Paz area and at the same time, provide income to farming families.

335_DSCN0100Reforestationa & Food Security 

Gray Water Systems: $50 to install a gray water system for a family that eliminates dirty, household gray water which causes skin infections in children and is a breeding area for mosquitoes. 

Maria2            Gray Water System



Micro lending: $50+ to support the WIA Micro-lending bank.  You may also sponsor a small business by providing the full loan request.  Choose a woman to sponsor.We will update you during the year on their progress.  Please write “micro lending” & name of the WIA member in memo. 

             Microlending Bank                          

  Home Repairs:$100+ to support the home repair project.  For $500, you can provide a new home to a WIA member.  Change the life of a whole family by providing them with a decent home!  We will send you a Personalized video of the house construction and finished house!  Please write “home repairs” in memo.
                  Home Repairs

Sponsor a Child$20/month $240 per year, for child’s education (two uniforms/shoes, all school supplies, book bag, & family stipend).  Choose a child from our You Tube vidoes: children who need sponsors “.   Please include “sponsor”/name of the child in memo

   Children who need sponsors 

Biogas Systems:  $500 to install a biogas system for a family that provides 4 to 5 hours of cooking gas per day, saves forests, and reduces effects of climate change.  We will send you photos of the project work and finished biogas system.

brochure biogas                  Bio-Gas Systems 


Purchase our 25th Anniversary Calendar $20 for our 12 month, 11 X 17 full color 2017 calendar.  Please write calendar in memo and include the shipping address.   

Coffee Pulping/Huller Machine $1,000 to purchase a new coffee pulping and huller machine.  With all of the reforestation and coffee planting we are carrying out, and the increased sales due the student and church groups who are selling coffee as fundraisers–our hand-cranked machine just cannot keep up ! 
Current Hand Cranked Machine 

 Coffee Drying Patio:  $2,500 in order to repair the La Paz Farmer’s Cooperative coffee drying patio.  Due to increased coffee planting and  sales, we urgently need to repair this drying patio to have room for all of the coffee and to ensure that it is dried properly.  
                  Coffee Drying Patio