Offering Hope One House at a Time

Compas de Nicaragua continues to support Women in Action by raising funds to repair and rebuild their homes.  In November, we produced videos about three WIA member whose homes were in dire need of repairs.  In May, the Plymouth State University Nicaragua Club was able to answer the prayers of one of them, WIA member, Sarah Zuniga by building her a new home.  Her one room, tin shack’s wooden beams had been eaten by termites and rotted by rain water. 

Thanks to the PSU Nicaragua Club, who participated in thier 19th consecutive service trip in May, Sarah now has a new home, where she and her 3 children can sleep at night without worrying about a leaky roof or about high winds blowing their house over.  The new home includes all new wood, including 4 X 4 beams that were cemented into the ground to create a strong foundation and to protect the wood from rain water.  The home also includes a new metal roof as well as metal siding. 




In July, we also recieved a service trip group from Goffstown High School (Goffstown, NH).  They were also able to answer the prayers of Rosa Sosa by also building her a new home.  Like Sarah, her home was fallen down and also much too small for herself and 5 children.  For Rosa, you lost her husband to illness in December 2015, her new home is a dream come true!  

We have now updated both Sarah and Rosa’s videos to share the story of how two groups of students were able to raise funds for and help to build their new homes.  Below, you will find another video of WIA members, Lesley and Nubia who are also hoping to get a new home.  A $500 donation can build a new home for them!  Let’s get a home built for Lesly and Nubia and update their video with one more story of a dream come true!