host the daughters of corn dance troupe

Thank you for your interest in hosting Compas de Nicaragua’s 6th fall dance tour.  The tour will bring 7 adolescent members of WIA to the U.S. to perform traditional cultural dances while educating audiences about Nicaragua’s culture and current issues.   Compas is pleased to bring Francis Arguello, Bianka Gurdian, Katerine Solorzano, Daniela Vargas, Litzy Saurez, Teresa Jimenez, and Nicole Anduray to the U.S. as part of our fall 2017 tour.                                                       

Meet The Daughters of Corn Dance Troupe

More info, Show Tech Requirments, Visa Letters, Tour Organizing Check List

The success of this tour is largely dependent on the pre-planning and organizing of local communities and supporters.  This organizing packet has been put together in order to assist your group in this process.  Enclosed, you will find detailed information on this tour, as well as general suggestions and guidelines for hosting a tour.  Also included are sample invitation letters for the US Embassy, a press release, and a flyer for advertising. 

Please feel free to contact us if you need additional materials or if you have any questions ( 

Tour Finances

Performance Fee:   $2,000 suggested performance fee, per hosting community.  This money is to be paid directly to Compas de Nicaragua, 60 Merrimack Road, Amherst, NH 03031.  It will cover expenses such as international airfare, domestic transportation, speaker per diem, travel costs, etc. 

Each hosting community is asked to pay $1,000 in advance of June 1st, 2017, so that Compas can purchase the airline tickets as soon as possible.  This sum will be deducted from the total performance fee.  The remaining $1,000 will be due after the performance.

Local Tour Costs: 

These are the expenses that the local community accrues, such as mailings, printing, copying, phone calls, etc.  The host group must have a plan for covering these costs. 

Travel , Housing and Meals:

In order to maximize exchanges between the Women in Action members and the U.S. communities, and to minimize tour expenses, we ask your local community to provide housing for the women while they are in your area.  This should be comfortable, quiet, and secure housing.  The women will be provided with a per diem by Compas de Nicaragua upon arrival to cover some costs.  The hosting community should provide ALL meals or additional money for meals. 

Compas suggests that communities find 5 families to host the 10 tour participants {7 Dancers and Dance Instructor, Ana Narvaez, and Compas Executive Director, Michael Boudreau, his wife Yara Sanchez and daughter, Harolee}.  This would allow 2 people per host family.  Ana and Michael are fluent in English/Spanish and will be available to assist families. This will help families communicate with their guests.   

Rest Days:

If the women are scheduled for a rest day in your area, it would be extremely helpful for your community to continue to host the women during this time.  This will involve help with housing and meals.  Making our Nicaraguan guests feel comfortable and welcome is a very important responsibility, and should be planned with as much care and detail as other aspects of the tour.

More info, Show Tech Requirments, Visa Letters, Tour Organizing Check List