Howling Monkey Coffee   

Howling Monkey Coffee is shade grown and organic.  Given the rich, volcanic soil, the large variety of shade trees and relative low elevation, it has a complex aroma, rich body, sweet flavor, and low acidity.   The coffee is processed by the farmers themselves, from de-pulping, drying, and de-husking.  By purchasing Howling Monkey Coffee you are not only supporting the small farmers of BSR, you are also helping to preserve rainforest and habitat for animals and tropical birds. A portion of each sale will be used to support community projects in Nicaragua.  


The coffee is Bourbon and Caturra varieties. is grown in an area known as the Golden Triangle because of its rich soil. The GT is a critical area, it recharges aquifers and rivers, is known for some of Nicaragua’s richest agricultural land, and also serves as a biological channel for many tropical birds. The coffee is shaded by a large variety of shade and fruit trees. These trees provide habitat for fauna like howler monkeys. The coffee is grown at approximately 1,500 to 1,600 feet above sea level. 

Through our partnership with Gold Mountain Coffee, Compas de Nicaragua  is able to ship Howling Monkey Coffee directly to the U.S.  Direct trade allows the coffee to be shipped from the coffee farm directly to the customer, providing a just price to farmers for thier coffee.