Plymouth State University Nicaragua Club’s 20th Service Learning Trip!  

In May 2017, the Plymouth State University Nicaragua Club carried out its 20th consecutive service learning trip.  The group painted a beautiful mural at the Women in Action Center, participated in gourd art and crocheting workshops and planted trees in La Paz.  The trip also included a Mariachi party at Women in Action and a celebration with “chichero” music, pinatas and games with host families in La Paz.  To end the trip, the group spent two nights on Ometepe, a double volcanic island on Lake Nicaragua!  




“When I was a student at PSU, I visited Nicaragua with the Nicaragua Club all four years.  Now I am back for my 5th trip after 11 years and I am full of love for being able to see my Nicaragua family.  I know I will be back soon.” Heather Dowd, Nicaragua Club Member 2003-2006)  

“It was wonderful to be back with your family (here in La Paz).  To see your family grow and prosper over these years.  You will always be in my mind and my heart!”  Brianna Lumbert, PSU Nicaragua Club 2014-2017).